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Can Muson

Santa Eulalia
For sale

Excellent Investment opportunities

Can Muson presents an exceptional investment opportunity with various development prospects that cater to diverse investor preferences and financial goals:

1. Guest House Development as an Annex

Investors have the option to construct a guest house attached to the main property, with a restriction of 1,500 cubic meters for both structures. This approach offers a streamlined process, cost-effectiveness, and efficient time management, providing additional accommodations while ensuring compliance with building regulations.

2. Independent Registered Guest House

Alternatively, investors can choose to develop a guest house as a separate registered property by allocating a distinct entity for it. Adhering to specific parameters and regulations, such as obtaining required permits and approvals, allows investors to establish a unique property with legal autonomy. This strategy may enhance market value and rental income potential, with specifications including a maximum volume of 1,500 cubic meters, a buildable area of 500 m2, an average height of 3 meters, and up to two storeyswith a regulated height of 7 meters.

3. Segregation for Multiple Independent Houses

Investors can explore segregating the property to build up to six autonomous houses, each with its registry unit. Detailed assessments and compliance with legal requirements, such as law 12/2017, are crucial to determine building possibilities and regulatory guidelines. This approach offers flexibility and the potential for diversified revenue streams, addressing various housing demands and preferences.

4. Horizontal Division with Special Modality

Leveraging the property’s E-U2 classification, investors can pursue horizontal division without segregation, enabling the development of all six houses seamlessly. This strategy streamlines the development process significantly, optimizing the property’s full potential for a comprehensive housing project.

310 m²
2.730 m2