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An eco-friendly, sustainable

Ibiza is our home. As we work to make it yours, we do so with a respect for the island, its culture, traditions and nature

Sustainability is a mindset that encompasses the entirety of our business. It’s not about compromises, but creativity; We challenge ourselves to transform sustainability into visual beauty. We do so by bringing the essential traditional building techniques and core values of Ibiza into the the 21st Century.

The Blue Pearl Sustainability

The Blue Pearl builds sophisticated, eco-friendly, climate-adaptive buildings with a minimal carbon footprint. We reduce the amount of concrete in our projects and have implemented a water-saving system of recovering and recycling both rain and grey waters. During construction we try to make less noise and use fewer trucks more efficiently. We source locally. And when materials aren’t available in Ibiza or Mallorca, we go to the mainland.

We incorporate renewable energy into all our projects, ensuring that our houses obtain at least half of their required energy from solar panels.

By installing heat pumps and an optimal insulation system, we are able to reduce a property’s energy consumption in the long run.

For any of this to be possible requires us to have a strong relationship with the island, its resources, artisans and local economy. We believe in creating a cycle of happiness and creativity for people to continue to hone their trade and pass along the knowledge to new generations.

It’s as symbiotic as it is sustainable creating a cycle of excellence that our customers can feel each and every day in their home.

In support of our greater global commitment we are honoured to have been members of 1% for the planet since 2022

As part of this commitment we are giving back 1% of our yearly revenues in the form of direct donations and volunteering time.